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About me

I’m never sure what I should say in a bio.

I mean, do you really want to know that I’m a coffeeholic to the degree that I own two different coffee machines simply because each delivers its own unique mug of heaven?


Or, that I am South African born and bred and living in one of the outer suburbs of Johannesburg where the people and cultures are as vibrant and varied as the breath-taking geography?


One of my daughters suggested that even although I don’t write about them (yet) that I should perhaps confess to my obsession with dragons. Another daughter that I’m a huge fan of the DC and Marvel comic-verse. Or, that I love dogs, motorbikes and fast cars.


I could of course reveal that I would faint dead away if ever I were to meet the likes of Nalini Singh, JR Ward, Karen Marie Moning, Lori Foster or one of the many romance greats that continue to inspire my own work.


But then…I look over at my husband sitting across from me as I fumble my way through putting this together for you and I am reminded that despite my fascination with all things fantasy and paranormal, he is and always will be, my leading man.


And that right there, after marrying my childhood sweetheart at the tender age of sixteen and raising three daughters and a granddaughter together, might be all you need to know about me - I believe in love and all that goes with it.


Love is hope.


Love is freedom.


Love is…a lullaby of the heart.

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